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Video Editing And Photography

Below are examples of video editing I have done for various outlets and industries.

  • This is a pilot I filmed and edited for for Empire Ink: The Franchise Reality Show. The Pilot is only 15 minutes long and is supposed to show the dynamics between the two owners Steve Santacruz and Al Fliction.

  • London Botanicals recruited me to do a behind the scenes video of the spa's special segment in a local News coverage. London Botanicals is one of the only spa's in South Florida to offer a V-Steam Treatment. (Facial for down there).

  • There is something about italian food that compliments the love that is already in the air on Valentine's Day. Add a beautiful Water Fountain , Classic Italian Sonatas, and delicious Wood Oven Italian Food as we have a beautiful evening captured on film.

  • "Follow The Light! The Light Is Your Guide". I'm a huge MF Doom fan. I wanted to create a music video for "Monster Zero" Off his "King Geedorah" album that stayed true to movie it was based on. Sampled from the movie; Monster Zero: Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah, I followed the pattern of the song mix.

  • Another creative exploit, this video is a "Rapumentary". Tupac & Biggie: Conspiracy Theory is a blend of both artist's music narrarting the footage from a documentary which tries to solve the mystery of their murders.

“Taking An Image, Freezing A Moment, Reveals How Rich Reality Truly Is.” — Anonymous

Adaptablity is a skill in general, our skill in particular. Our style of photography is to get the best out of a picture given the circumstances surrounding it. Adapting our photography style to reflect needs and desires of the client. We take ego out of the equation, our main goal is always provide our client with the shots they desire. A picture is worth 1000 words, we want it to tell your story.

Shinobi International Clothing Co.

Shinobi International Clothing Co. was launched in late 2013. To promote the brand and get it in stores we launched a collab with amazing and talented Art Crazy Photography to shoot our 2013 Look book, the results were creative and completely out the box. Art Crazy then fitted the beautiful Dezire Gomez and the gorgeous Paola Urbano.

The L.Y.F.E Brand 2013 Winter Collection

During my time in New York I had the pleasure of doing work for the wonderful people at L.Y.F.E Studios located in Brooklyn, New York. This particular series feature's the talented trio, who refer to themselves as D.O.P.E Dancers. The L.Y.F.E Studios also has a store called The L.Y.F.E Shop which feature their clothing The L.Y.F.E Brand. The DOPE Dancers are wearing the 2013 Winter Collection of the L.Y.F.E Brand.

Riche Savant Pop Up Shop

Riche Savant is the clothing line designed for uplifting and assisting children. When Riche Savant hosted it's Pop Up Shop at LYFE Studios, I was tasked to capture those moments.

Irena Capris - The LYFE Brand Summer 2013 Collection

I first worked with the New York based photographer and model Irena Capris to promote The LYFE Brand's Summer 2013 Collection. Irena Capris, who is a talented photographer in her own right, was in synch with the fun look we were going for in that set.

Machinegun Mimi - UTC 2013

The collaboration between Machinegun Mimi and I can only be described as a beautiful accident. I was in charge of the photography on behalf of Empire Ink Tattoo Gallery at Al Fliction's Urban Tattoo Convention 2013 in Brooklyn, New York. Mimi Tran is a model from Louisiana, who was in attendence when all of a sudden we embarked on a full blown photoshoot. We borrowed accessories from the vendors in a attentence such as the bullet belt Mimi wears across her chest from Lethal Ware, a battle mase from (Sword Company) and motocycles from Rock Boyz Choppers, we made use of the stairs and the rooftops. This shoot stands the test of time as being one of my favorite photoshoots ever. Simply because of how fun it was.

Empire Ink Tattoo Conventions

While I lived in South Florida I did alot of media related work for Empire Ink Tattoo Franchise. One of those tasks involved me documenting the Tattoo Conventions they went to which include Tattoolapalooza and Urban Tattoo Convention.

Silvano Wooden Accessories

When I was contacted by the owner of Silvano Wood Apparel in regards to creating a campaign for their upcoming 2013 collection. I quickly recruited the most talented people I could find. Including the talented Miami based Photographer Smithy. We also held an huge casting call that generated an incredible 3000 organic likes for the Silvano Facebook page thanks to our Public Relations Expert Motif Management. When it was time to shoot, my assistant at the time Sheree Salmon head of the female photography trio Ree Play & Co (Photographer, Model & Make Up Artist) came up with the idea to do the shoot in the forest since it was for a brand that only sold wooden accessories. The rest, as they say is history.

Silvano Wooden Accessories (Behind The Scenes)

The Silvano Photoshoot was a team effort. We worked together like a well oiled machine. Motif Management recruited the professional models. Ree Play & Co. provided the (Behind The Scenes) while Smithy handled the official shots. I was the great glue that brought it all together. Definately one of my favorite shoots.

Empire Ink Tattoos Photoshoot

The Empire Ink Tattoo photoshoot gets full credit to my assistant Ree Play & Co. This trio of beautiful ladies, each with a specific skill Blossum: Model, Bubbles: Make Up Artist/Model, and Buttercup: Photographer. Good times.

Brooklyn Style Boutique

Brooklyn Style Boutique photoshoot, was when I decided to make photography an official part of my arsenal of services. Brooklyn Style Boutique is a great urban clothing store located in Coral Springs, Florida which carried a unique selection of clothing. I always thought that this store would benefit greatly from a photoshoot considering it's content. This is also the first time I teamed up with Motif Management who outsources models and Ree Play & Co. my assistants.

Round 2 Kickboxing

I am always concerned with the end result. So whenever I get a client is interested in having a photoshoot done, I always ask myself if I would be the best fit for them or do I know someone who is a better fit. In this case I teamed up with Lu'Royale photography. Lu'Royale is an action oriented photographer who gets the best action shots possible. Which is why this set came out so well.

M.O.B Style

The Mob Style shoot is a creative concept shoot by Ree Play & Co. I just helped her set as well provided her with the location.


Another creative endeaver