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Web Optimization Platforming
  • No templates are harmed during the creation of your website. When it comes to your personal online identity, one size does not fit all. Your Business / Brand is not the same as any other business in your industry, therefore it should not be forced to fit into the same template as your competitor.

  • Allow us to design a website that adapts to all devices and gives a intuitive and interactive user experience no matter what device your client choses to access your website with. For the laptop and desktops, Users will be greeted with a spawling and expansive design layout that will be minimalized for Mobile Users.

  • Search Engine Optimization begins in the foundation of your website. From the very beginning your website will be built with the keywords needed for Search Engine Bots to track your site and make available among the the search results relating your product or service.

"Logic Will Take You From A To B, Imagination Will Take You Everywhere." - Albert Einstein

2 Bros. & A Laptop Web Design is where Marketing and Art collide. A website is your online personality. No matter what you are promoting or selling, you need to have an idenity that is all your own. So why go with a webdesigner who just downloads a template and slap your logo on it. Let us create a fully customized site from scratch. Something that capture the imagination of your audience and distinctly separates your brand from that of your competitors. A website that represents your online presence in a creative, interactive and profitable way.

Web Design Profolio
  • Foot Function Labs
  • La Fontana Pizzeria
  • Mr. Arch Orthotics
  • Bubble Flix
  • Italiano Couture
  • Trinity Gephart